Edgware 2 v 6 Sunpostal,

Another balmy July evening, and a Tuesday night in a green and pleasant North Watford, sees the Greens taking on the Yellow and Blues of Sun Postal Sports. SPS fresh from a promotion winning season last year looking to put the new boys in their place did so convincingly, but largely because of self inflicted pain. Daz and Jamie, enjoying their second game in control of the squad, in the absence elsewhere of Mr Manzi, will have been somewhat less pleased with the outcome, compared to the previous weekends 0-4 winning workout against Bushey.

A bright encouraging start saw some good sustained pressure, including a flurry of early corners, but a frustrating inability to get just enough time, or a foot of space meant shots were either blocked, scuffed or trickled into the arms of the home keeper. SPS featuring a chunky Carlos Valderamma look-a-like at right back, were, frankly, guilty of extensive foul and abusive language, and more than happy to question the decisions of the officials. In addition a mostly meaningless pre season friendly suffered from a scratchy, lumpy atmosphere, and niggling series of fouls. Good refereeing saw the Sports keeper advised that the next time he kicked an opponent he would be off, friendly or not.

So, to the mistakes, well, step up to the plate, Ruben, Hemel and Stefan, unfortunate to be mercilessly punished, like a willing wench in 50 shades of grey mode for either a rush goalie moment or an ill advised inside pass or a clumsy missed tackle. SPS could have had more to be honest, and Ruben did make two very good saves in the first half. I thought the first goal was against the run of play, and not being able to hang on till half time, conceding again in the 43rd minute, was also unlucky.

The second half did not start well at all , and we looked vulnerable and terribly timid for a good ten or fifteen minutes, and had conceded another three in fairly short order. The substitutions (7?) did mean that a couple of late consolations arrived, but SPS had changed back down into first gear by that point. Maybe it was just a simple case of a moody midweek evening after two days of work, or pre match headaches, but a few individual under powered performances meant that we were well thumped. Hey Ho. Saturday and Ealing Town await.